Before the Show Goes On, Is it worth it?

Theatrical entertainment is time best spent when the quality and production live up to the hype and marketing effort behind it in the time leading up to the event.  Even during productions such as those we saw during high school; the best plays were when you could see that real time and effort and dedication was invested in making sure that such productions went out on stage naturally and seamlessly. It’s a perfect way to escape reality, to suspend belief if only for a few hours, and become immersed into a story where drama, comedy, and tragedy can play out.

With many of the productions now on Broadway, and with ticket prices as they are, perhaps one wants to know where best one will find the most value for their buck. Professional reviewers are there, either in print publications or online, where writers share their views and opinions of which ones are worth going to and which ones have already overstayed their welcome. Online, one can find sites where there are Broadway play reviews that best dissect both the production and the narrative itself of the play.

Broadway play reviews

The production quality involved can often be so great that a lot of marketing hype is generated prior to the first curtain rising of the play. However, with such costs and resources put into a play, it doesn’t always guarantee that the play will be worthwhile. For that reason, during these first shows, professional reviewers sit in and attend these plays to gather their own objective perspective on the quality of the show.

A good story and an engaging narrative structure can make up for production that could have used some more work. Alternatively, song and dances can enthrall the audience and make one forget about the lousy story. In either case, before investing in those pricey seats, its good to check out the reviews before going.